• Begüm Zorlu

    Begüm Zorlu

    okyanusta damla. a drop in the ocean.

  • Mehmet Ergenekon

    Mehmet Ergenekon

  • Fatma Edemen

    Fatma Edemen

    Journalist & PhD Candidate at UJ Kraków // IG: fatmaedemen & filmy.35mm Podcast: anchor.fm/filmfesttalk

  • Ali Emre Çopuroğlu

    Ali Emre Çopuroğlu

  • F.Hilal Akkaya

    F.Hilal Akkaya

    New Media, Journalist, Academic, Engineer, Communication, Marketing, Digital Strategist.

  • Meltem Suat

    Meltem Suat

    Journalist/Content Writer

  • Informavore Effect

    Informavore Effect

    Bilgi tüketmek ve keşfetmek için. /Humans are informavores, feeding on information about themselves and the world around them! Instagram: informavoreffect

  • Fatma Tarak

    Fatma Tarak

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